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Andreas Salomon

Wildlife and Landscape Photographer


I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I was born in northern Germany, in an area covered in moors, with marshes lined by forests of pine and birch. There was nothing I loved more than wandering in those woods, observing nature—especially birds. As I grew older, I learned their names and habits, and I hiked farther and farther afield. 

As time went by, I found I wanted to document the birds I observed, and I became fascinated by photography, learning as much as I could about it in order to record the birds I saw and the landscapes they inhabited. 

Years ago, I moved to California, and I began photographing the amazing wildlife and landscapes here. I never cease to be amazed by the variety of habitats: desert, woodlands, ocean and mountains, each with its own communities of wildlife. 

In this website, you will find images from all those areas and the animals that live there. I hope that, whether you are looking at a photo of salt flats in Death Valley or the sparkling waters of Sabrina Lake, an otter floating in a cove near Morro Bay or a tern bringing a tiny fish home, you feel a sense of connection with the natural world.

My work has won awards and been featured on a variety of websites, including National Geographic, and the Grammy-award winning Southwest Chamber Music. For years, I have been  a regular photographer for the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery of Scripps College. Still, my favorite subject remains the outdoors.

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