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Bristlecone Pine 18x12-5647.jpg

Why would you buy my artwork?

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Buying a piece of art is an investment, one that will remain beautiful for many years. 

  2. I print each photograph myself, so that you can get the best image quality.

  3. Each photograph is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

  4.  Each photograph is mounted and matted to archival museum standards. 
    The mats are a generous four-ply thickness, hand cut and beveled. 

  5.   You have a choice of selecting your photographs framed or unframed.

  6. You do not need custom framing. 
    Each mat is cut to standard frame size, so you can fit it into a frame of your choice. 

  7. My service to you extends beyond the sale: Please contact me if you have a question about your artwork or your order. I look forward to helping you.

  8. You are purchasing a work made in the USA by an artisan. The materials I use are of the highest quality. 

  9. All animals shown in my photographs are wild; none are taken in captivity.

  10. I follow the highest ethical standards in animal photography. 
    No animals are harmed or disturbed when I take photographs. 
    The welfare of the animal is always my highest priority. 


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